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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Tatiana Miath been born on January 13th on an island situated in the Caribbean: Guadeloupe.
She was so fascinated by music, that at the age of 6, Tatiana had for the habit to sing for her family by making mini shows with her nieces. Her mother who was herself an outstanding singer encouraged her and gave her all love and support which a mother can offer to her daughter so that she succeeded.

At the age of 10, her brother Eddy Miath who was himself singer took her to one of the rehearsals of the group of his father, and it's at this very moment that everything started.
After that, the girl made finally her first steps in the front stage, with her father and her brother EDDY MIATH.
This first scene which took place to Pointe-à-Pitre a small district of the island was memorable for Tatiana because of the warm welcome she received from the public showed, get her to sign to a record deal, three years later with the group Zouti.

It's in 1987 Debs Production's record label which was the biggest on the island that Tatiana did her first steps on the musical market.
In 1987 she also knew her first successes with songs Soyons Heureux and Chabin La, then hits followed years after years.

Tatiana will never forget the unfailing support of her first fan: her mother, who always believed in her talent. When she was 10, she let her practiced her voice with her mentor Whitney Houston after homework day after day, which gave her the powerful voice she got today.



Discover the incredible career of Tatiana Miath the multifaceted artist. You will see that collaborations are in large numbers and not the slightest with varied musical styles such as zouk dance rn' b hip-hop EDM wi-pop house reggae jazz etc. Through her biography, you will discover that Tatiana Miath was able to realize many of her childhood's and adolescence's dreams and she hopes to continue until the end.


1987 first album with the walking dead beth and daryl dating
1988 first solo album anime online dating
1990 first show in Paris Zénith GRAND MECHANT ZOUK
1990 second solo album
1991 TV show MUSIKERA on channel M6
1991 song contest  FRANCOVISION on channel France2 in Paris
1992 third solo album be safe online dating
1993 SABLE MOUILLE Tony Chasseur's album

1994 fourth solo album  most effective dating app in india
1994 LANMOU E LANMITYE Tony Chasseur's album
1995 TONY & TATIANA Tour in Caribbean and Europe
1995 AROMES CARAIBES Mario Canonge's album
1995 Touring with Mario Canonge in France and Caribbean
1995 JEUX DE DAMES vol.1
1996 TV show LE PLUS GRAND ZOUK in Paris BERCY on channel M6
1996 AMETHYSTE Tanya St-Val's album
1998 International tour with Angélique Kidjo in US and Europe

After that tour, she settled down in California to take care of her son. Over there she joined Dub Nation, a Californian reggae band. She did a festival reggae tour in California Seattle Washington etc..She speaks about this moment as being a dream furthermore which comes true, because to be in the country of her favorite singer Whitney Houston and to be able to sing in front of a public so warm during the various shows was impressive and unforgettable for Tatiana.

1999 ALLIANS' ETHNIK tour in Paris OLYMPIA, Europe and Canada
1999 7 NUITS BLANCHES Zouk Machine's album
2001 IS IT LOVE Al Mckenzie's album
2002 MA FEMME S'APPELLE MAURICE" original soundtrack's album
2002 L'ETOILE compilation's album
2003 NRJ MASTER MIX compilation's album with DJ Maze
2003 STOP A L'AFFRONT compilation's album
2003 FEELING TROPICAL 's album
2003 NATION de Jean-Michel ROTIN's album
2004 POSITIV ENERJY Dj Laurent Wolf' album
2004 ALI FAXX 's album
2004 K'TOZ Kassav's album
2004 YA-RAYI Khaled's album
2004 best of SES SUCCES by Henri Debs
2004 JEUX DE DAMES vol.4 's album
2005 G NE PA LE TAN fifth solo album
2005 First show in her native island Guadeloupe at Robert Loyson venue
2005 Second show in her native island Guadeloupe at the Centre des Arts venue
2006 UN AUTRE SON with AWA rap album
2010 ZOUKE FOREVER sixth solo album and her first record label production with STAR UP ENTERTAINMENT
2010 Tour with Tony CHASSEUR and Gil'Tony'k
2010-2011 La ronde des dames TOUR in the Caribbean with Suzy Trebeau, Jocelyne BEROARD, Danielle RENE-CORAIL, Léa GALVA, Jocelyne LABYLLE and Tanya SAINT-VAL.
2012 RISING FORCE FOR CHANGE  Dub Nation's album
2015 ONE NIGHT   Single from Caribbean Colors

2017 SANBLE Single from Caribbean Colors

2018 PA VIN Single from Caribbean Colors

2018 TEMPERATURE'S RISING Single from Caribbean Colors

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