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Temperature’s Rising 2018 – #deep house #lounge #house Temperature’s Rising released in September 2018, is a deep house and lounge song that will heat you up all winter long. You’ll discover a very sensual interpretation by Tatiana on Temperature’s Rising which is her first deep house song. Listen to Temperature’s Rising on Soundcloud:

Etoile Paris lounge Jazz Me up

Etoile Paris with Jazz Me Up -#lounge #jazz

Jazz Me up on Etoile Paris compilation lounge. Jazz me up is on Etoile Paris compilation released on 2003. Etoile is a great club in Paris located in the biggest know avenue in the world Les Champs Elysées. Tatiana Miath once again surprise us with a jazz interpretation on a lounge beat song called Jazz …

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acappella whitney houston

Queen Of Acappella – Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston acappella – Queen of acappella 2014-2015 Queen of Acappella with the best Whitney Houston songs all in acappella by Tatiana Miath, she produced this EP all by herself and the result is simply amazing. If you love already  I wanna dance, I’m every woman, How will I know etc…You’ll adore them on Queen of …

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rising force for change Dub Nation

Rising force for change Dub Nation

Dub Nation Rising force for change 2012 DUB NATION Rising force for change is a good reggae album straight to california included great talent such as GC Cameron of Temptations and Quino of Big Mountain. This a good roots reggae album with the songs VOICE OF HUMANITY, GIVING YOU ALL, EVERYWHERE etc…

almckenzie Is it love

Is it love Al Mckenzie feat Tatiana Miath

Is it love Al Mckenzie cool jazz Is it Love Al McKenzie jazz album released on 2001 with the following songs feat Tatiana Miath , TAKING OUT THE TIME, and DO YOU STILL CARE. Al Mckenzie is the Temptations conductor, you know THE TEMPTATIONS from the 70’s (My girl, my girl…one of their big hit).

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